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Download We Happy Few for FREE on PC – Released on July 26, 2016, We Happy Few is an early access game which involves  around the English village of Wellington Wells that is set in an alternate timeline around the 1960s. Learn how to download and Install We Happy Few for free in this article and be sure to share with your friends.

We Happy Few Overview

We Happy Few is a game that revolves around the English village of Wellington Wells set in an alternate timeline around the 1960s. In this timeline the Soviet Union invaded England. This article will tell you how to download We Happy Few for Free. We Happy Few starts off with the player controlling Arthur Hastings a downer who has refrained from taking the Joy drug. Downer is trying to start a resistance movement in order to escape from the gloomy world. If at any point people find out you aren’t taking the joy, they will get suspicious and try to attack you. Each character in this game has it’s own story and react to the events happening around them. Be careful on every move you make as you don’t want to get caught. This game is categorized in a mixture of stealth and survival.


How to Download & Install We Happy Few

  1. Click the Download button or the logo below and you should be redirected to MEGA.
  2. Click Download through your web browser or Download with MEGASync to start your download. (For web browser downloading, you should use chrome and have the MEGA extension installed, which you can get here).
  3. Once We Happy Few is done downloading, right click the .zip file and click on “Extract to We Happy Few.zip” (To do this you must have WinRAR, which you can get here).
  4. Double click inside We.Happy.Few-GOG folder and run the setup.
  5. Click install and let the game install. You may get a couple of pop ups once finished, just close out of them and right click and run the game as administrator from your desktop & play (do not forget to run the game as administrator as it helps prevents crashes and issues with game saves).

We Happy Few Free Download

Click the download button below to start We Happy Few Free Download. It is the full version of the game and has all five episodes. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.

Life is Strange Free Download

we happy few download



System Requirements

Processor: Intel® 2 Quad 2.0 GHz or better


OS: Windows® 7/Vista/XP

Graphics: Video card must be 1 GB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support

Hard Drive: 4 GB available space




  • Michael

    looks horror

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    Can you add transformer games?

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    Cro whats up man can you upload cod modern warfare 3

    Or a cool game like modern warfare 3

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    THANKS CRO 🙂 Sniper Elite 3 next please?

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    Cro plz do gta 5 with multiplayer

    • Its Uxers


    • Its Uxers

      ok dude. 1. gta 5 is on the site 2. its gta online. it is already installed in the game unlike gta sa. there is a 2nd and 3rd tab for open world and thats where gta 5 and 4 are. just to let you know

    • Wat

      gta online doesnt work but single player do

  • KR301

    Nice! This game looks interesting!

  • Lucifer

    How were you able to get this game o.o no idea… respect man thanks a lot

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    update minecraft story mode please cro

    • ErraticWinter

      Story Mode is free on the windows store if you have windows 10 or 8.

      • BigGameRequester

        All the episodes or just the first one?

  • BlackStorm

    cro whats up man can you upload cod modern warfare 3 i
    i know you just uploaded modern warfare 2 but i wonder how modern warfare 3 so if you can help me thx :DDD

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      he said he will try it 😉


    when i launched the game my whole computer froze please help 🙁

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      upgrade your computer ?

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      just buy a better pc m8 XD

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    can you add batman arkham city pls

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    Can you please add Transformers Fall of Cybertron with multiplayer

  • Armaan Gilani

    What version is this game?

    • Cro

      Latest one

      • Finnt Mc

        hey Cro, can you do Overwatch? Or is that Multy only?

        • Skward101

          It is multiplayer only. Hehas replied to others saying this.

          • Finnt Mc

            Ok, but it has to be crackable, but maybe not!

          • Finnt Mc

            Well, Denvuno is now crackable, so now it is just an matter off time!

      • Dani Galbacsdani

        can i ask whats your next game??

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    • Armaan Gilani

      It’s only on PS4

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    hey cro can u pls send me a file containing all the dll files because due to administrator i can’t download direct x

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    Damn cro this game hasent even been out for a week


  • ZkiiGames

    Would it be possible for you to do Adobe Premiere or does the creative cloud prevent that? (Photoshop aswell)

    • Skward101

      Threre are a BUNCH of videos online to getting adobe stuff. I have cracked after effects, premiere and photoshop from watching online tutorials other tyan Cro so you shoudl be able to get it

  • BigGameRequester

    Could you please do Quantum Break for Windows 10 please

  • Montblanc Noland

    Youtuber I like just posted this and kinda wanted to try it out. What do you know, here it is.

    I’d like to possibly see more RPG’s go up. None come to mind at the time, but wouldn’t mind seeing more up here.

    Also Total War plans? I know the series is locked up pretty well. Be would be cool to see Warhammer get put up. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Course that is because of how secure it is.

  • BlackStorm

    Yo cro whats up man i just opened a youtube channel and started posting tutorials
    on how to download games and im taking these links from you is that ok with you?

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    Can you do Dead by Daylight next?

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      • BigGameRequester

        Not possible

        • DrewRS

          Why not?

  • Haris

    Does it even work? I tired to open up the game but nothing was appearing and my cursor was flickering

    • BlackStorm


  • BlackStorm

    Yo cro whats up man i just opened a youtube channel and started posting tutorials
    on how to download games and im taking these links from you is that ok with you?

    • Jrod

      I think it would be but check with him just give him full credit

      • BlackStorm

        yea man thx for telling me
        all thoe i hope he sees this comment

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    I was really surprised to see this game here thanks a lot cro

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    Can you do Dead by Daylight next? Please 🙂

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        i dont think so i think it will be cod modern warfarme and someone else requested it and it might be it but i still dont know
        lets just hope its gonna be good game that we all can enjoy

        • BigGameRequester

          Dude cmon cut it with the cod requests there are a ton of other games and everyone just keeps requesting cod. I really don’t think we need another cod game from cro for at least a couple months

          • BlackStorm

            yea man lol
            i see ya getting mad
            im hoping its something cool
            to enjoy and to kick some ass

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  • bilsa aeradi


    • BigGameRequester

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    minecraft episode 7 pls

  • bilsa aeradi

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  • bilsa aeradi


    • BigGameRequester

      not possible the game is all multiplayer based

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